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At Needaroof.ca (Ontario) INC, we treat every roofing project as if it were the roof protecting our own family. The last thing anyone would want to deal with is a leaky roof, leaving you exposed to the elements such as rain, ice, snow, cold air and more. We work with quality roofing materials and the best brands, and we hand pick our roofing team members for their great attitude.

A company that comes referred to you is a good sign, however, it is still sensible to make sure all bases are covered. A secondary reference with the Better Business Bureau may help to solidify a reputable contractor. Since our affiliation in 2013, Needaroof.ca maintains an A+ rating through the Better Business Bureau. Also, the best company is not necessarily the one who is promoted through heavy advertising. We take pride in our work because we are a family owned and operated business having served thousands of satisfied customers in the Hamiton area.


Cost is not always the best assurance of receiving a good job. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples, i.e. installation specifications, brand name materials, warranty for workmanship and materials. Good contractors, like Needaroof.ca, will not cut corners to lower the price.


The majority of customers do not go up onto the roof to inspect the job once it has been completed. Problems caused by poor workmanship may not show up for years. It is recommended to enlist the services of a dependable roofing company.


All of our employees are paid by the hour and not as piece work (or subcontracted). If a certain aspect of the job requires more attention to complete, our employees are there to take the time needed in order to get it done right. At Needaroof.ca (Ontario) INC, we are fully insured and guarantee you’ll be more than satisfied with our quality services, products and workmanship.

When it comes to roof repairs or installations, choosing the right contractor can be a daunting task; selecting the wrong one can result in undue stress and costly repairs. At Needaroof.ca, we understand you want to make the best decision for your home, so we guarantee quality workmanship you can trust. Want your roof done right? Give us a call today.

Roofing projects are difficult and downright dangerous. Before climbing any ladders, think about hiring professional roofers instead.
In the roofing business, experience counts. Many DIY roofing projects end in disaster, and you’ll end up spending more money than it would’ve cost to hire us in the first place. Here at Needaroof.ca, roofing is what we do best. We have years of experience, industry expertise and high-quality equipment. Call us for service today!

If you need a new roof installed, your current one repaired, or yours is due for inspection, call us.

Besides roofs, we serve homeowners and business owners throughout the Hamiton area, and we’d love to earn your business. Call today for a free, fair & accurate estimate for your home improvement project!